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Monty Barnett and Rachel Ryckman recently obtained a victory in the Wyoming Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of their client in a high-profile defamation case that had achieved national publicity. The case was a free speech case that involved fundamental First Amendment principles. Specifically, Monty and Rachel represented a Wyoming state legislator who was sued by a former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction. One of the statements was posted on the client’s campaign Facebook page, and the other statement was made during a political debate. Monty and Rachel obtained an Order dismissing the lawsuit at the trial court level, and the plaintiff appealed to the Wyoming Supreme Court. The Wyoming Supreme Court unanimously upheld and affirmed the dismissal, reaffirming the high bar that public figures must clear in order to maintain a defamation lawsuit.

GRC FL 1MLB FL 1This year’s Wyoming Insurance Seminar was held on February 3, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast.  Our agenda, moderated by Grant Curry, Esq., included various topics with information provided by our guest speakers Dr. Shawn Sapp, Lucas Edwards, P.E., Monty Barnett, Esq., Dr. J. Quinn Campbell and Jason Neville, Esq.

The seminar was sponsored by AEI Corporation, Case Forensics, Fay Engineering, Forensic Pursuit, Integrated Medical Evaluations, Inc., Jacobson Forensic Engineering, Inc., Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc., SEA Limited, Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc. and Western Engineering and Research Corporation.

White and Steele appreciates the interest and support for everyone who attend and participate in our annual Wyoming Insurance seminars.  If you would like to suggest a topic or are interested in being a sponsor for 2018, please contact Donna Parker at dparker@wsteele.com.

november-2016-1The distribution night before Thanksgiving is always extra busy and extra rewarding! Thank you to Jodi Derrera-Guffey (with Lorraine, Nina, and Brandi), Monty Barnett (with Denise, Brandon, and Gabe), Rachel Ryckman (with Kris, Jason, Parker, and Landon), Matt Tills ( with Tricia), Savvi Neufer (with Ross), Louie Reinenger, Susan Portillos and Mike Daugherty for their volunteering time in November. This was the biggest turnout yet and everyone got a ton done. Jodi and her crew, Rachel and her crew, Monte and his crew, Savvi and Ross, Louie, Matt and Mike all worked in the warehouse. They sorted a lot of produce, including a ton of cucumbers (if the produce does not get sorted and into the marketplace it ends up going bad). The group also broke down big bags of pinto beans (10 or more 15 pound bags) into family size portions, they sorted canned goods and dried goods, loaded and moved pallets of produce to get into the marketplace, washed down bins, broke down boxes, etc. They got about a week’s worth of work done which is huge. There was a lot of laughter and fun going on back there also! Tricia and Susan worked in the marketplace starting people shopping, checking them in and helping weigh them on their way out along with Matt’s periodic help.

"It’s always rewarding to volunteer at Metro Caring, but this month was especially unique due to our large group. We were not only able to get a lot of tasks accomplished, but it also provided a nice opportunity to spend time with colleagues and their families outside of the office, and that made for an even more enjoyable evening." -Louie Reininger

"It was my first time volunteering for anything, and I must say it was a great feeling to be able to do something to make someone’s life a little easier.  It being right before Thanksgiving made it even more special." -Jodi Derrera-Guffey

"If anything I would say that it felt a little chaotic at times, but it was still great to see so many faces and we got so much extra work done than we normally would!" -Savvi Neufer

"It was nice to help others. I thought the shopping area was cool." -Landon

"It meant a lot to me to help others." -Parker

"We had a great turnout of White & Steele volunteers (along with friends and family members) and, as usual, it was a rewarding and fun experience. With the number of people that showed up we accomplished a lot of work and helped a lot of people feed their families over the Thanksgiving holiday." -Monty Barnett

40 families went through the marketplace that night, and their boxes were overflowing with food to the point the boxes were breaking! Each family went home with a turkey, and most with two turkeys! A lot of happy faces as they went out with their hauls. Thanks to everyone in the warehouse for getting so much food out on the shelves!

Come join the White and Steele group at the next volunteering night on December 27, 2016.

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Monty Barnett obtained an Order of Dismissal in a medical malpractice case brought against a medical laboratory by a patient that claimed that a breath test administered on him by the laboratory was carried out in a negligent manner. The case was brought by a veteran firefighter who was fired after the breath test conducted on him by the laboratory indicated the presence of alcohol. The plaintiff argued that the negligent manner in which the breath test was carried out resulted in a false positive. In a case of first impression, Mr. Barnett successfully argued that the two year statute of limitation applicable to medical malpractice actions also applied to medical laboratories. On appeal, the Wyoming Supreme Court affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of the action, finding that the alleged negligent act, error or omission, occurred more than two years before the plaintiff brought his action against the laboratory.

Monty Barnett is a member of the modern day “Hole in the Wall” gang, a group of men who share a common interest in the history of the American West and who are dedicated to the preservation of our western heritage, and the perpetuation of the cowboy lifestyle and robust pastimes of the Old West. The gang was founded 38 years ago by a few men, led by Red Fenwick, a legendary columnist for the Denver Post. Although the members of the gang come from all walks of life and are scattered across the country, they all share a common love of the spirit of the West and outlaw traditions.

Since 1977 the gang has faithfully returned, on an annual basis, to the Red Wall country near Kaycee, Wyoming. Specifically, the gang meets up near the renowned Hole in the Wall every September, spending most of a week riding horses and camping where Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch actually hid out in the late 1800’s. This area is one of the most famous hideouts on the Outlaw Trail, which is a route that stretches from Montana to Mexico that was utilized by various outlaws during the time when outlawry was rampant following the Civil War.

This Red Wall country is steeped in history, serving as a notorious refuge for many over the years, including outlaws, cattle rustlers, thieves, and proud Native American chiefs, including Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Framed by the stunning Red Wall to the east, and the Bighorn Mountains to the west, the valley is fertile yet rugged, remote and hard to access. The Red Wall is approximately 300 feet high and stretches approximately 35 miles in length, with the Hole in the Wall being the only place that could be accessed by horseback for miles. The Hole is actually a notch in the Red Wall where a handful of men with Winchesters could overwhelm any approaching posse or small army. It historically served as a perfect place for outlaws to hide out. The area is arguably the most beautiful place in Wyoming, and it has gracefully held a front row seat to some of the most amazing events in the history of the American West. Here, one can still find Indian petroglyphs, teepee rings, and the skeleton of the cabin used by Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch.

Every September, the gang, and invited guests, converge to the campsite near the actual hideout of the Wild Bunch where they spend several days riding horses through this spectacular area, spending the evenings around a campfire where the history of the area and its inhabitants are discussed, lies are told, and a copious amount of spirits are consumed.

Monty L. BarnettGrant Curry


Monty Barnett and Grant Curry recently obtained summary judgment in defending a plumbing and heating company against claims of carbon monoxide exposure for negligent installation of a HVAC system and gas furnace. The Court granted summary judgment on the basis that Plaintiffs failed to file within the requisite ten year statute of repose as set forth in W.S. § 1-3-111 (2013).

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