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September 2015 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

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Susan Portillos and Louie Reininger from White and Steele and Ellen Phillipson from Xcel Energy participated in September’s Metro Caring Volunteering night. They helped assist 24 shoppers who took home a total of 2,266 pounds of food! They also sorted produce donations to be put into the marketplace before it went bad. Not bad for an evening’s work!

Featured here are shots from the Metro Caring marketplace. Metro Caring's new facility makes food distribution easier for both their clients and volunteers and this marketplace is only one of the many features the new facility has to offer. The large produce section (left) holds a variety of donated produce - anything from lettuce to mushrooms to leeks - and volunteers are encouraged to educate shoppers about what different produce can be used for. The fridge and freezer section (right) holds a wide range of donated products including dairy, pre-made meals, and frozen meats.

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The middle of the marketplace is taken up by several shelves that home dried goods. Canned vegetables, fruit and soups along with dried goods such as pasta and rice fill out the donations. Volunteers help clients choose items from each category according to their shopping list (amounts are chosen based on the size of their family and if there are children in the household). A bright and open marketplace that looks like a regular grocery store helps the clients feel more comfortable with the process. Metro Caring works against the stigmas that come with visiting a food bank and the marketplace is a big part of that. Metro Caring cannot survive without volunteers, so come see what we are so excited about!

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