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October 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

october-2016Thank you to Adam Goldstein (as well as Laura, Kate, Kacey and Kyle), John Craver, Keith Olivera and Susan and Mike Portillos for their volunteering time in October.  Adam and his crew worked in the warehouse sorting a lot of canned goods, dried goods and produce.  The produce sorting is so important so that it can get out on the shelves for shoppers before it goes bad.  Unfortunately sorting means composting portions which our volunteers did a lot of!  Laura brought her foreign exchange student Kate with her who has to get a lot of volunteer hours while she is here. Kate will be submitting an application to become a volunteer for Metro Caring on Tuesday nights until she leaves in June!  John and Keith ended up in the freezer most of the night stocking freezer items as they fly off the shelves all night long.  Mike and Susan were in the marketplace assisting shoppers in the first section (which includes produce), constantly shifting the stock on the shelves to make each shopper feel like the first with fully stocked and neat shelves.  One larger family walked out with 279 pounds of food!  With the new Metro Caring system of “take what you need” the only thing they have to limit each family on is frozen meats due to quantity.

"My kids and I had a good time volunteering, and it was rewarding to help the community in such a direct way." -Adam Goldstein

"John Craver and I spent two hours in the freezer. Cold, but it feels warm to do a good deed! This place is amazing. Come join us!" -Keith Olivera

It was a great night!  Come and join us for volunteering on Tuesday, November 22.  This is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which is a super fun night to help with.  Come check it out!

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