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May 2014 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

May 2014 1Thank you to Dave Nowak, Karen Caston, Keith Orgel, Matt Tills, Bailey Tills, Riley Tills, Susan Portillos, Jenny Buck, and Lohr Childs for helping out on Metro Caring’s first Tuesday in the new temporary location!

“Volunteering with Metro Caring was a great opportunity to get out and help the Denver community directly. It is a great feeling to see how just a little volunteering can make a huge difference in people’s lives.”     -Keith Orgel

“Metro Caring fulfills a huge need in the community and it is good for all of us to see the pressures/problems/issues that others must endure just to survive.”     -Karen Caston

“We made a great family night of it and both my kids had fun and learned something . . . as did I.”     -Matt Tills

“I took the opportunity to bring one of the recipients home myself. She was going to take the bus, but had too much food to carry.”               -Dave Nowak

Metro Caring is always looking for volunteers, so come join us soon!

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