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March 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

Thank you to our volunteers John Craver (and Trish), Rachel Ryckman, Dmitry Vilner, Diana Mendez, and Paula O’Konski for their volunteer time this March! John had the challenge of overcoming the smell while composting food that went bad (the March blizzard shut down the refrigerator and freezer for a short time). Trish, Rachel, Paula and Dmitry worked in the warehouse while Sarah and Diana assisted shoppers in the marketplace with their refrigerator and produce selections.

From left to right: John, Dmitry and Trish in the warehouse; John overcomes the smell of compost, Sarah and Diana in the marketplace produce section
From left to right: John, Dmitry and Trish in the warehouse; John overcomes the smell of compost


"Trish and I volunteered at Metro Caring and once again we were moved by the amount of good people who volunteer and really work hard to help so many in need . It is a very rewarding way to give something to those in need within our community and to work with other quality people in the process . Ryan the director is great! I am very proud of our partnership with Metro Caring! I want to thank Susan especially for the work she does to make this a comfortable and rewarding experience for the W&S team. Give it a try if you haven’t!" -John Craver

"I was very impressed by the facility, the number of volunteers, and the quality of the products offered to the customers (lots of organic foods). I also think it is great that there are so many choices to suit everyone’s taste and dietary preferences!" -Diana Mendez

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at Metro Caring and look forward to coming back in the future.  It’s humbling to be able to pay it forward and help people meet their food needs.” -Dmitry Vilner

White and Steele was proud to donate our old water glasses to Metro Caring in March. Come and join our group on April 26th!

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