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July 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

From left to right: Savvi, John, Karen and Susan.
Savvi, John, Karen & Susan
Karen and Louie
Karen and Louie

Thank you to John Lebsack, Louie Reininger, Karen Caston, Savvi Neufer and Susan Portillos for their volunteer time! John and Savvi were in the warehouse doing multiple tasks which included sorting produce (many potatoes among other things). Karen helped in the marketplace in produce. There was an abundance of produce and each shopper was able to get as much as they needed. Susan helped in the refrigerator section and tag teamed with Louie who acted as expediter, taking out carts full of groceries to the clients' vehicles. It was a very busy night!

"It’s been a few months since I have volunteered and I had almost forgotten what a rewarding, reflective experience it is. Tuesday I worked in the produce section for the first time. I am usually in the marketplace but in the refrigerator section. Metro Caring had an over-abundance of produce and the shoppers were taking full advantage of it. Considering the very high cost of fresh produce, you can imagine the smiles on the shoppers’ faces when they were told they had an unlimited choice of produce for the taking. The children's excitement picking out ALL the fruits they could get their hands on was very fulfilling to watch. I am sure a lot of those children do not often have the opportunity to choose fresh fruit like that. All the bruised or overripe produce was put aside to go to composting for the greenhouse which is another aspect of Metro Caring that is so special. It was a very busy night indeed and the time went by extremely quickly! Hope to see even more of us there next month!" -Karen Caston

"It’s only two hours of work that’s pretty easy, but it helps get a lot of food to people who need help and who really appreciate it." -John Lebsack

A special thank you to Susan Portillos for always taking pictures and giving a record of what happens at volunteering! We would love for you to join us on the next volunteering night - August 30, 2016. It will be fun!

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