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Favorable Ruling - Construction Defect Arbitration

January 2024

Andrew Scott recently obtained a favorable ruling following a seven-day construction defect Arbitration hearing. White and Steele’s client was a general contractor for the construction of a multimillion-dollar home in Colorado ski country. The claimants alleged that the client's construction of the home was defective, done negligently, and in breach of the construction contract. In the Arbitration, the claimants alleged that the home was so defectively constructed that it needed to be demolished and rebuilt. The damages sought by the claimants exceeded $6 million. The Arbitrator rejected the contention that the construction was defective and that the house needed to be rebuilt. The Arbitrator ruled that the claimants were not entitled to recovery from the general contractor for defective construction or breach of the contract.  The Arbitrator also ruled that the general contractor should only reimburse the claimants for work it had been paid for, but that the general contractor did not have a chance to complete before the claimants fired them from the construction project.

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