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April 2015 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

April 1

John Lebsack, Susan Portillos, Louie Reininger & Jenny Childs joined the crew at Metro Caring for April’s volunteering session. John, Susan & Jenny sorted food donations, unpacked person hygiene products & kept the market stocked for shoppers while Louie acted as an expediter, helping the clients get their food out to their cars. The red lettuce & radishes being grown on the rooftop garden are coming along nicely, as are the green onions in the greenhouse!

"Metro Caring does important work for the community, and helping out for couple of hours is really not much of a burden.  New building, plenty of parking, dedicated and friendly volunteers."     -John Lebsack

"Every time I go to the volunteering night at Metro Caring, I am blown away by the energy, passion and dedication that is infused in the facility, the volunteers & the staff. It is a wonderful organization that improves the lives of so many people & I am  overjoyed that White & Steele is a part of it."     -Jenny Childs

Want to learn more about Metro Caring? Visit their website here.

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