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Doug Poling recently obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial held in Adams County, Colorado. White and Steele’s client, a licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment center, was accused of causing the death of a male patient through the negligent administration of a prescription medication used to help opioid dependent patients avoid relapse into addiction after detoxification. The core argument was that a nurse administered the medication to the patient without first confirming he was adequately detoxified from opioids, thereby causing accelerated and severe withdrawal symptoms that allegedly caused the patient’s death. Following a four-day jury trial, the jury returned a defense verdict finding that the nurse properly educated and screened the patient prior to administration of the medicine. The jury further found that the patient and his wife had misrepresented material information to the nurse about the timing of the patient’s most recent opioid use.

All the thanks to one of our newest attorneys, Doug Poling, for representing White and Steele at Metro Caring.  This was his first time and he was the sole volunteer for White and Steele. Doug managed to link up with long time volunteer and expert, Doug (and if you have volunteered you probably know him also), to help navigate and also worked with Grove, another volunteer.

“At the request of Jess (the warehouse manager), I worked with Doug and Grove to clean up and clear out some space in the warehouse and remove snow/ice from the loading dock and trash bin area. All went well."  - D. Polling

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