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Adam Goldstein recently obtained a defense verdict in Jefferson County, Colorado for one of the country’s leading building material providers. The case concerned an accident involving heavy drywall sheets that fell while being unloaded from a flatbed truck. The plaintiff claimed he suffered a traumatic brain injury and other injuries rendering him totally and permanently disabled. Our client admitted that the drywall sheets fell during the unloading process but claimed that the incident was merely an accident. We also disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s alleged injuries and damages. The jury ultimately returned a full defense verdict in favor of our client, finding both that our client was not at fault for the accident and that the plaintiff did not suffer any injury.

Goldstein, Adam

A giant thanks to Adam "Grizzly" Goldstein, his daughter Kacey and Susan and her son Jeremy for their volunteering in January.  Adam, Jeremy and Susan worked in the warehouse doing some sorting of apples, apples, more apples and finally some bread.  Kacey worked in the marketplace assisting the participants and stocking of shelves.  There were quite a few other volunteers but we were kept busy all evening.

A great kick off to our 5th year of volunteering at Metro Caring!


Thank you to Louie Reininger, Savvi Neufer, Susan Portillos, Adam Goldstein (and Kacey), Laura Fuller (and family) and Bob Coate (and family) for their volunteering time in July!  Adam and Kacey helped push the carts full of food out to people’s cars.  Everyone else was mostly in the warehouse sorting and Louie helped stock shelves in the marketplace.  This was all much appreciated, they did a great job and got done earlier than usual!

Metro Caring provides essential services and depends on volunteers. White and Steele sends a group to help the last Tuesday of each month as Tuesdays are distribution nights and the last Tuesday of the month is often the most busy. Come join us soon!


Thank you to Jim Meseck (and Ruth), Savvi Neufer (and Ross), Adam Goldstein (and Kacey) and Karen Caston for their volunteering time in April.  Adam and Jim were in the warehouse, Karen and Ruth were in the marketplace, while Savvi, Ross and Kacey helped people get all their groceries out to their cars!  All of the White and Steele volunteers who attended had a good amount of experience working at Metro Caring. Thank you to our volunteers for doing your part for our community!

White and Steele has a group working at Metro Caring each month on the last Tuesday, so come join us and see what Metro Caring is all about!


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Thank you to Jim Meseck, Savvi Neufer, Adam Goldstein (with Kacey), and Susan Portillos (with Mike and Jeremy) for their volunteering time in January! They all worked in the warehouse sorting produce, rearranging racks, boxes, bins, and stocking shelves. There was a ton of fresh lettuce our volunteers had to sort through, getting rid of wilted leaves and composting.  They also filled newspaper bags with partial rolls of toilet paper donated by airlines.  Kacey and Susan did check in part way through the evening, helping get the families shopping and checked in.  Jeremy and Kacey need volunteer hours for school so they were able to log 2.5 hours each.  There were 43 families that went through the marketplace - a super busy night.  What a great start to White and Steele's 4th year of volunteering at Metro Caring!

Interested in joining us? White and Steele has a group at Metro Caring the last Tuesday of each month!

october-2016Thank you to Adam Goldstein (as well as Laura, Kate, Kacey and Kyle), John Craver, Keith Olivera and Susan and Mike Portillos for their volunteering time in October.  Adam and his crew worked in the warehouse sorting a lot of canned goods, dried goods and produce.  The produce sorting is so important so that it can get out on the shelves for shoppers before it goes bad.  Unfortunately sorting means composting portions which our volunteers did a lot of!  Laura brought her foreign exchange student Kate with her who has to get a lot of volunteer hours while she is here. Kate will be submitting an application to become a volunteer for Metro Caring on Tuesday nights until she leaves in June!  John and Keith ended up in the freezer most of the night stocking freezer items as they fly off the shelves all night long.  Mike and Susan were in the marketplace assisting shoppers in the first section (which includes produce), constantly shifting the stock on the shelves to make each shopper feel like the first with fully stocked and neat shelves.  One larger family walked out with 279 pounds of food!  With the new Metro Caring system of “take what you need” the only thing they have to limit each family on is frozen meats due to quantity.

"My kids and I had a good time volunteering, and it was rewarding to help the community in such a direct way." -Adam Goldstein

"John Craver and I spent two hours in the freezer. Cold, but it feels warm to do a good deed! This place is amazing. Come join us!" -Keith Olivera

It was a great night!  Come and join us for volunteering on Tuesday, November 22.  This is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which is a super fun night to help with.  Come check it out!



Frederick Klann and Adam Goldstein recently obtained a defense verdict in a multi-million dollar “bet the company” jury trial held in Weld County, Colorado.  White and Steele’s client in the case was a steel fabrication shop accused of defective welding in the fabrication of large steel tanks used in the fracking industry.  At trial, the plaintiff asked the jury to award it $6,000,000-$7,000,000 in damages.  Not only did the jury reject all of the plaintiff’s claims, it also awarded our client $97,500 on its counterclaim.

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