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Summary Judgment Victories

JPC CurrentJohn Craver represented a recreation sports league in an personal injury action brought by a former player who sustained injuries during practice. Prior to participating in league play, the player’s parent completed the required online registration process, which included the acceptance of a waiver and release. The Court found the waiver and release valid under Jones, and thereby enforceable as a matter of law, resulting in the dismissal of all claims against the client.

John Craver also represented the owner of a local business in a negligence action stemming from a motor vehicle accident. At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was driving on a road near our client’s business that provided access to multiple businesses within a larger commercial development. As the plaintiff passed through an uncontrolled intersection, he was struck by another motorist traveling on the same access road. Plaintiff asserted negligence and premises liability claims against our client, claiming it owed a duty to warn of the danger posed by the uncontrolled intersection, namely by installing signs or signals. The Court agreed, and upon its finding that our client owed no duty to the plaintiff as a matter of law, and all claims against our client were dismissed.

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