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September 2014 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

September 2015 1A big thank you to John and Trish Craver, Fritz Klann, Louie Reininger, and Susan Portillos for volunteering at September’s Metro Caring volunteering night! A special thank you to Susan, who represents White and Steele every month!

“My wife and I found it very rewarding and felt that the diversity committee identified a great organization to support . We will continue to participate.”     -John Craver

“An interesting experience and chance to help those less fortunate.”     -Fritz Klann

Want to join White and Steele at Metro Caring? You can find a group from White and Steele at Metro Caring the last Tuesday of each month (the busiest distribution night!) from 5:30—8:00 pm. Interested in helping more? Metro Caring distributes food every Tuesday night!

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