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October 2015 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

October 2015 2
We had a simply fantastic group for October's Metro Caring outing! Mike Daugherty, Jim Meseck (and Ruth) Bob Coate (and Hazel, Jake and Bernardo), Monty Barnett, Grant Curry, Rachel Ryckman, Tracy Zuckett and of course our fearless volunteer leader Susan Portillos! The volunteers sorted food, broke down boxes, helped out in the marketplace, and even helped out with some cleaning that volunteers usually do not have time for. It was a great night at Metro Caring and they were very appreciative of having twelve people from White and Steele. As a bonus, two of our volunteers (Rachel and Ruth) speak Spanish which allowed them to give extra help in the marketplace, as there were a couple clients who mostly spoke Spanish. Great job, White and Steele crew!

If you only have time to volunteer with Metro Caring once a year, or you have wanted to join in but have been on the fence about it, consider coming the last Tuesday in November (the 24th) and join White and Steele and Metro Caring volunteers in handing out food just in time for Thanksgiving. Take it from us, there is something truly special about helping families celebrate Thanksgiving when they were not even sure they could get a turkey!


“I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and teamwork while volunteering at Metro Caring. I will definitely be back.” -Grant Curry

"Ruth and I appreciate the opportunity to volunteer with Metro Caring.  Metro Caring is a quality organization that provides a valued service to our community.  We had a good time helping people and working with the other volunteers. We look forward to the next opportunity to volunteer with Metro Caring." -Jim Meseck

"We used our football skills to break down some boxes and get them in the dumpster. We worked in the back this time, but I prefer being up front - though both are great. We had a great time." -Bob Coate

White and Steele has a group at Metro Caring the last Tuesday of each month from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Join us at any time!

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