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May 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

June 2017



Thank you to Susan Portillos and Keith Olivera (and Kyle) for their volunteering time in May!  Keith and Kyle were in the freezer and refrigerator all night, keeping the bins loaded which was a chore along with moving everything around in the freezer.  They had a pallet of eggs (which were a hot item!) and Kyle was digging out and loading them as fast as they were taking them off the shelves.  Keith and Kyle were good sports about freezing - that freezer is cold!  Susan was in the marketplace on the warm side of the glass helping the shoppers unload what Keith and Kyle loaded.  It was a busy night for sure!

Interested in getting involved? We would love to see you on the last Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm!


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