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May 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

May 2016
From left: Hannah, Agnieszka, Jim and Susan



White and Steele would like to thank Jim Dieterich, Susan Portillos, Agnieszka Karcz-Sickles and her daughter Hannah for their volunteer time in May. Agnieszka did a variety of jobs including stocking the refrigerator and cleaning out produce bins while her daughter Hannah kept busy all night sorting and bagging diapers. Jim and Susan were in charge of stocking shelves which consisted of sorting bananas and potatoes (which were unlimited!) among many other items.  Our volunteers worked all night on getting as much out onto the shelves as possible so the shoppers had a good variety to shop from.

Agnieszka and Hannah were first time volunteers, and did a great job keeping up with the fast pace of the night. Jim is always a great addition to the group, positive and throwing himself into the process. Susan, our volunteer coordinator, has become a go-to person at Metro Caring and keeps our group on point. We do not know what we would do without her!

Come join us on June 28th at 5:30 pm for the next volunteering night!

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