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January 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

March 2017

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Thank you to Jim Meseck, Savvi Neufer, Adam Goldstein (with Kacey), and Susan Portillos (with Mike and Jeremy) for their volunteering time in January! They all worked in the warehouse sorting produce, rearranging racks, boxes, bins, and stocking shelves. There was a ton of fresh lettuce our volunteers had to sort through, getting rid of wilted leaves and composting.  They also filled newspaper bags with partial rolls of toilet paper donated by airlines.  Kacey and Susan did check in part way through the evening, helping get the families shopping and checked in.  Jeremy and Kacey need volunteer hours for school so they were able to log 2.5 hours each.  There were 43 families that went through the marketplace - a super busy night.  What a great start to White and Steele's 4th year of volunteering at Metro Caring!

Interested in joining us? White and Steele has a group at Metro Caring the last Tuesday of each month!

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