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January 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

January 2016 1 Edit

Dave Nowak, Louie Reininger and our volunteer coordinator Susan Portillos started the year off right at the January volunteering night! All three of them worked in the marketplace. Louie was in the freezer, proteins and side items section and Dave was in the refrigerator, healthy snacks and bread section assisting participants with their shopping choices. 24 families shopped and averaged over 100 pounds each in groceries.

"It is so heartwarming to see how much food people walk out with and see their smiles.  It is fun to interact with people from W&S outside the office and get to know them better and their families. The new facility requires more volunteers to keep it running smoothly and to get the food out on the shelves for people to shop so I hope to see even more of you volunteering this year!" -Susan Portillos

"When you volunteer at Metro Caring, you truly come away with a very positive feeling. Not just for helping those that may be less fortunate or opportunities to interact with colleagues outside of the office, but to also be grateful for our blessings. If you want to do something fun after a hard day of dealing with opposing counsel, volunteer at Metro Caring. Thank you White & Steele for this awesome opportunity." -Louie Reininger

Our volunteers also learned a little bit about the Seeds for Success program at Metro Caring which helps participants gain knowledge on how to obtain employment. Some of the training provided is in the food industry, teaching customer service, food safety and distribution. Seeds for Success recently had their first participant get a job in a grocery store after going through the training and resume assistance!

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