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February 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

March 2017

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Thank you to our volunteers this month, Karen Caston, Savvi Neufer (with Ross), and Adam Goldstein's daughter Kacey! The shortest month of the year did not mean Metro Caring was any less busy, and our volunteers were put to work for the thankful shoppers.

Are you interested in helping out Metro Caring and just have not had the time to give them a shot? Tuesday nights are a great time to test the waters and see if you are interested in volunteering! There is always a lot to do and many friendly people who will help you get pointed in the right direction. Tuesday nights are distribution night for Metro Caring, where all the food that has been collected is distributed to those in need. Clients are treated to a grocery store type of feel which makes them feel more comfortable with what could be an awkward experience. Come give Metro Caring a try!

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