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Favorable Decision in Adams County Court on Restitution

July 2022

Jack Stokan recently received a favorable decision on a restitution case in Adams County Court.  The case involved a three vehicle collision. The carrier settled with one of the claimants for policy limits.  That same claimant then sought additional restitution as a victim through a criminal case.  The district attorney filed a motion for restitution, which was served at an address where the insured was not living.  The Court held an unopposed restitution hearing, and entered restitution against the insured in the amount of $20,444.70, plus interest.  Mr. Stokan filed a motion to set aside the entire amount of restitution as it had been paid through the settlement.  Mr. Stokan attended an evidentiary hearing on this issue, and obtained an order offsetting the entire amount of restitution plus interest that had been ordered against the insured.

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