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December 2015 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

December 2015 1

What a great way to end 2015! Thank you to Keith Olivera, Donna Parker (with Jennifer, Cameron, Parker and Dorian), Paula O’Konski and Sarah Harrington for volunteering for December and wrapping up 2015 right! Dorian, Parker and Cameron spent the night expediting (running 1700 pounds of food out to people’s cars or helping them bag the groceries to walk) in the cold. Keith and Paula helped stock shelves and sort produce and dry goods. Donna, Sarah, Susan and Jennifer helped stock and were in the marketplace helping people shop. It was a busy night and Metro Caring was glad to have a big group!

"This was my 4th time volunteering. The new facility is awesome. Metro Caring always puts its volunteers to good use and helping those in need always feels great. (Good karma points as well!) The White and Steele group always has fun together. Join us when you can." -Keith Olivera

"I was surprised to see the variety of food that is donated to the cause. Will certainly do it again." -Paula O'Konski

"I am grateful to be able to participate in this extraordinary attempt to make a difference in people’s lives.  Metro Caring is doing a wonderful job trying to help those who are less fortunate.  There were several opportunities I had to just stop and look around and absorb the whole scene, from the volunteers in the warehouse to the volunteers in the marketplace, but most importantly, to the people in need.  Some of them are frequent visitors and know the routine, some are brand new and a little hesitant, whether they feel overwhelmed or unsure or even a little embarrassed.  At the end of their shopping experience I believe they all shared the same feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. Some wished us all a good night, some a “Happy New Year” and  many added “God Bless You”!  I thought to myself, “There but for the grace of God, go I." Lastly, I am happy to have shared this evening and experience with my daughter and grandsons.  I was proud of how hard the boys worked and that they were really having a good time.  There was a point (teenage boys being teenage boys) when one of them made the mistake of saying that being around all of this food was making him hungry, to which my daughter replied “don’t you dare talk to me about being hungry when there are people here who are starving”. . ." -Donna Parker


Start 2016 off right - come and join us on Tuesday, January 26th!

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