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Donations to Legal Aid Foundations for Colorado and Wyoming

For many years, White and Steele has been committed to providing generous donations to the Legal Aid Foundations for both Colorado and Wyoming.  These Legal Aid Foundations provide free legal services in civil cases to clients who could not otherwise afford them.  Throughout the year, White and Steele also donates to several other charitable causes. 

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February 2018 Metro Caring Volunteer Night

All the thanks to one of our newest attorneys, Doug Poling, for representing White and Steele at Metro Caring.  This was his first time and he was the sole volunteer for White and Steele. Doug managed to link up with long time volunteer and expert, Doug (and if you have volunteered you probably know him also), […]

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January 2018 Metro Caring Volunteer Night

A giant thanks to Adam "Grizzly" Goldstein, his daughter Kacey and Susan and her son Jeremy for their volunteering in January.  Adam, Jeremy and Susan worked in the warehouse doing some sorting of apples, apples, more apples and finally some bread.  Kacey worked in the marketplace assisting the participants and stocking of shelves.  There were […]

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November 2017 Metro Caring Volunteer Night

    Enjoy this cute selfie of our volunteers. Thank you Fritz Klann and Louie for representing White and Steele!  They worked in the warehouse, Fritz in the loading/dock compost area, and Louie brought in items to be sorted, primarily oranges and tomatoes.  This is not always a very fun job as they get to […]

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September 2017 Metro Volunteering Night

    Thank you to Mike Daugherty, Jim Dieterich, John Lebsack, Joey Mark and Rachel Ryckman for their volunteering time in September!  They worked in the warehouse doing some sorting of various items.  Not only is Metro Caring a great facility for the community and our volunteering is very important to many people, it is […]

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August 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

    A small but active crew from White and Steele helped out with composting, food to shelf, customer service, tearing down boxes and cleaning for August's volunteering night! A highlight was helping a Bennett farmer load his truck with compost and rotten tomatoes for his pigs. He brings food donations in and takes composted […]

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July 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

  Thank you to Louie Reininger, Savvi Neufer, Susan Portillos, Adam Goldstein (and Kacey), Laura Fuller (and family) and Bob Coate (and family) for their volunteering time in July!  Adam and Kacey helped push the carts full of food out to people’s cars.  Everyone else was mostly in the warehouse sorting and Louie helped stock […]

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June 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

Thank you to Cathy Endicott, Dmitry Vilner, Karen Caston, Susan Portillos, John Craver and Dave Nowak for their volunteering time in June!  It was a very busy night and the recent post office pick up event made for a lot of extra canned goods going out into the market place and the need for a ton […]

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May 2017 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

    Thank you to Susan Portillos and Keith Olivera (and Kyle) for their volunteering time in May!  Keith and Kyle were in the freezer and refrigerator all night, keeping the bins loaded which was a chore along with moving everything around in the freezer.  They had a pallet of eggs (which were a hot […]

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