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August 2016 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

August 2016 1Thank you to Jim Meseck and his wife Ruth, Bob Coate and his daughter Hazel, Tracy Zuckett, Dmitry Vilner, Susan Portillos and Savvi Neufer for their volunteer time in August. Susan helped for part of the night stocking the shelves for the shoppers, Ruth worked in the produce department in the marketplace, and the rest of the group had so much fun sorting produce. Unfortunately they had to dump quite a bit of produce in the compost that did not get out on the shelves quickly enough, but our group got what they could on the shelves that was still good! Tracy volunteered to switch over to expediting (taking boxes out to the clients' cars) to get away from the stench of bad produce, but ended up drenched in the night's flash flood. A great turnout and a lot was accomplished!

“Even though the rotten food smelled terribly and we were getting rained on, it was still a fun experience with my coworkers. I’ve enjoyed all of my Metro Caring visits so far and look forward to getting to know my coworkers and the staff at Metro Caring a little more each month.” -Savvi Neufer

"Hazel and I enjoyed our experience in helping at Metro Caring last night. I seem to get extra joy out of destroying old cardboard boxes and she had fun adding dead flowers, herbs, plants to one compost pile and old and bad food to the pig compost bin. Lucky pigs! White and Steele had 8 people there and remain an important part of this volunteer service. We look forward to doing this again." -Bob Coate

“Volunteering at Metro Caring is a rewarding and fun experience, even when you’re composting produce in the rain! The work is important to the community, and my White and Steele colleagues (as well as the other volunteers) are great company. Thanks, as always, to Susan Portillos for coordinating this event.” -Dmitry Vilner

"Even a surprise thunderstorm could not dampen the spirits of volunteers and clients alike. I got wet, really wet, but I enjoyed every minute of it-putting smiles on people’s faces and groceries in their cars." -Tracy Zuckett

Come join us on September 27th for the next volunteer night!

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