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August 2015 Metro Caring Volunteering Night

August 2015 2

Keith Olivera, Kevin Hecht, Matt Tills, Louie Reininger and Karen Caston represented White and Steele in August along with Jimmy Garrett, Linda Johnson Garrett, Stacey Figel, Ellen Phillipson, Dawn Moffit, Yvette Lewis-Molock and Mike Ferris from Xcel Energy.  The warehouse was very behind and they needed all the manpower they could get! The volunteers assisted 26 shoppers who took home a total of 2,524 pounds of food.

“Susan’s leadership for us volunteers, not to mention the people that work at Metro Caring, along with her interaction with the shoppers, is awesome and inspiring.  Thank YOU, Susan!”     -Louie Reininger

“It was rewarding to participate along with our client and hopefully aside from the benefits from performing volunteering service it will also serve to solidify our relationship with Public Service Company (Xcel).”     -Kevin Hecht

“One, it is a great opportunity to get to know other people in the firm. I was doing expediting with Louie. We don’t work with each other at the office and had probably not spoken more than 5 words to each other since he has worked here. Although as volunteers we were busy at times, we had a lot of time to chat and get to know each other. Now when we see each other at the office we stop and talk about what’s going on. It makes working here so much better as you get to know more of the people you work with.

Two, as I was helping a woman take her food out to her car I noticed how professionally dressed she was and well spoken. Seemed like she could have worked at a law firm. She asked me if I was a volunteer and I said “yes”. She said “Thank you so much-I never thought I would need something like this, but you just never know how your life will turn. Thank you.” I never did find out what happened to her, but it made me realize that with a few unlucky turns in life we all might require help we never thought we would need.”     -Matt Tills

Matt excellently sums up why White and Steele is so excited to be involved with Metro Caring! Volunteering at Metro Caring helps us develop relationships with our coworkers, our clients, and our community. Helping feed those that are in need in the Denver area is an amazing and rewarding experience and we cannot recommend it enough!

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