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2023 Wyoming Insurance Claims Seminar

White and Steele, P.C.’s 27th Annual
Wyoming Claims Seminar
Presented by:
A Litigation Firm for Colorado and Wyoming

The 2023 Wyoming Claims Seminar was held virtually on Friday, February 10, 2023, and was attended by over 50 adjusters from several different locations.    Attendees received CE credits from both Wyoming and Texas.  White and Steele’s annual seminar is designed to introduce all levels of insurance claim handlers to various issues in claims handling, with a focus on tips and tools for evaluating claims and identifying potential problems early in the process.  Our agenda this year included various topics such as Wyoming Case Law Update; Your Home is Spying on You (a look at digital technology and how that data is stored and used in civil and criminal cases); Biomechanics – Understanding its Use in Claims and Litigation; and Wyoming Comparative Fault Law.  

Speakers from White and Steele included Catlynne Shadakofsky, Nick Klann, and Monty Barnett.  At this year’s event, we celebrated White and Steele’s 70th anniversary.  

White and Steele appreciates the interest and support of all who attend and participate in our annual Wyoming Insurance Claims Seminars.  If you are interested in next year’s event as an attendee, sponsor, or speaker, please contact Darla Frechette at dfrechette@wsteele.com.  Next year’s event is scheduled for February 9, 2024.  

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